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Henry Horenstein Photographer

November 16, 2012

"... the first metaphor was animal." -John Berger

“… the first metaphor was animal.” -John Berger

This American artist that has been a photographer, a teacher and author since the early 1970s. Originally set to accomplish a PhD in history and embark on an academic career, the documentary work of photography greats Robert Frank and Brassai guided him to the camera. Author of over 30 books include monographs and some of the most widely used instructional texts in the field, his work has been collected by many institutions including the National Museum of American History. His teachers were legendary artists like Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind and Minor White, who taught him the value of traditional artistic concerns, such as good composition, interesting light and compelling subject matter. His diverse photographic career includes documentary work of various American sub-cultures, portraiture, abstraction, and landscape. Now a professor at RISD, Horenstein lives and works in Boston, MA.

In collaboration with Austin Center for Photography Horenstein created the collection “Animalia” a collection of intimate and intriguing portraits of sea and land creatures made between 1995 and 2001. Described as evocative, mysterious, romantic, surprising and weird. These pictures were taken in zoos and aquariums, not underwater or in the wild, and are worked with grainy, black-and-white films, printed in sepia, giving them and old school, timeless feel.

Henry Horenstein shoots with a balanced uniqueness, experimenting with view, angle, and perspective. Each photograph is different, yet with a similar underlying mood. His abstract images make the viewer see otherwise familiar animals in a new and different light.


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